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NCPD is a non-profit, pro-law enforcement organization that helps protect you from the system that you protect and serve, at your time of crisis.

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NCPD is About Help

We love, we laugh, we have families, we are all colors, shapes and sizes and each day we put our lives on the line. Why can't justice for police officers be color-blind?

NCPD isn't only about legal defense for Law Enforcement.

NCPD is about help! Help for many of the situations that may occur after an on the job catastrophe.

"NCPD is a non-profit, pro-law enforcement organization that helps protect you from the system that you protect and serve, at your time of crisis." The National Center for Police Defense, Inc. (NCPD), is dedicated to helping Law Enforcement Officers in their time of need. Helping with the legal process when they do their job and are rewarded with a grand jury hearing that could lead to a possible indictment, or are severely injured and out on sick leave and need financial or legal assistance until they are back on their feet.

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Latest Case

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent Chad Scott of Louisiana has served the DEA and local law enforcement by heading a Louisiana Drug Enforcement Task Force since the mid-1990s as a loyal and honest agent.

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Behind the Scenes

James Fotis, President

James J. Fotis has a long career of experience as an informed, decisive leader and an analytical, proactive problem solver. He served more than twenty-three years as the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA); an association of law enforcement officers, crime victims and concerned citizens. During his tenure, LEAA became a serious influence in the law enforcement community, on Capitol Hill, and within the Executive Branch of government.

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The National Center for Police Defense (NCPD) has been exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and classified as a non-profit organization. NCPD is dedicated to helping law enforcement officers that have been charged with a crime while following, “to the best of their ability”, the training and knowledge that they have been taught to use, by their departments. NCPD will choose each case based on its individual merits as developed by a panel of law enforcement professionals, and defense attorneys who will look at the facts of the case and decide if the officer has been unjustly accused by the system that he has taken an oath to protect.

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